Our 3-step guide to understanding a digital marketing strategy workshop

What should you expect from your agency at a digital marketing strategy workshop?

A digital marketing strategy workshop is an opportunity for the client and the digital agency to get on the same page regarding the goals a digital marketing strategy aims to achieve.  It’s the best way for agencies to understand a client’s business objectives and for the client to understand how a digital marketing strategy is executed. During the process, the goal is to collaboratively decide:

  • What needs to be achieved with digital marketing?
  • How are we going to achieve it?

Step 1: Conducting a comprehensive digital platform review

The agency needs to understand the client’s business, but it really needs to do more than that. Businesses exist in a competitive marketplace, so it makes sense to analyse competitors’ digital performance and conduct some industry benchmarking. A digital platform review carefully analyses your entire web platform and those of your competitors to establish the foundations for your digital strategy – from the basics of website hosting requirements and content creation through to SEO and online advertising.

Step 2: Integrating brand values

A good digital marketing workshop creates a shared understanding of how an organisation’s brand values are going to be reflected online. The workshop is where clients are encouraged to share their likes and dislikes of web design, discussing favourite, as well as least favourite websites. These are important discussions because they allow the agency an insight into the qualities the client organisation values about their brand identity as well as those of their peers and competitors. Sharing brand values and establishing a credible online brand identity during the workshop guides the design process and saves both client and agency time and effort down the track.

Step 3: Understanding the strategy’s scope

Every agency will do things differently, but a key feature of the digital strategy workshop is to spell out very clearly the scope of what is going to be covered during the workshop process as well as what the client should expect as an outcome of the workshop process.

We can’t speak on behalf of all digital agencies, but at iFactory our digital strategy workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each client. In a series of three sessions, our workshops cover:

  • Digital Advertising: Understanding how paid digital advertising and pay per click advertising works is key to knowing how it will or won’t impact your business, this also includes Google Adwords
  • Integration with existing marketing plans: Your digital strategy needs to work with your existing marketing plans, the workshop is where all your marketing efforts come together
  • Keyword analysis: There are keywords that clients think are important and then there are the keywords that Google says users are searching for. Our workshops explain the difference and relevance of keywords
  • Competitor analysis: We look at your website’s search engine ranking performance and compare it with your competitors and conduct a website feature set comparison between top industry performers
  • On-page optimisation: This includes a careful review and recommendation of your site’s content, including titles, subtitles, image tags and metatags and meta descriptions
  • Off-page optimisation: We’ll deliver a link building strategy and recommend directories, forums or blogs that are the right fit for your organisation
  • Social media: which sites are right for your stakeholders? During our workshop, we’ll discover which sites will deliver the best SEO results and traffic to your website

Our digital strategy workshops have been designed with the client in mind. Our flexible team of digital design, strategy and marketing experts work with our clients to deliver award-winning websites supported by targeted digital marketing strategies that deliver great results and excellent ROI.

To experience the difference an iFactory digital marketing strategy workshop can make, contact us now.

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