People and places: how email marketing platforms changed in 2017

In this post on the Litmus State of Email 2018 Report, we’ll look at some of the most interesting changes to note.

Welcome to the third article in iFactory’s four-part series on how email marketing is looking in 2018. We have reviewed the Litmus’ annual State of Email Report to give you an analysis of the biggest developments in email client news, market share insights and key industry updates.  Litmus’ annual State of Email Report provides your team with the insights you need to succeed in this volatile industry. Remember to catch our previous pieces on trends in email platform usage too. The companies who provide us with the email marketing platforms we use every day always seem to be busy and a glance down many of the email marketing trade publications reveals mergers, acquisitions and more.

2017 was a particularly vibrant year when it came to changes in the companies and organisations in our sector, and there were plenty of launches, partnerships, initiatives and more to learn about.

In this post on the Litmus State of Email 2018 Report, we’ll look at some of the most interesting changes to note.

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All guns blazing at Mailgun

Known across the industry as a major email delivery provider service, Mailgun had big news in 2017 when it decided to go it alone.

Back in 2012, Mailgun – which provides API-based solutions to firms who want to make sure their marketing emails don’t go to Junk or Spam folders – was acquired.

But last year, the email marketing platform ended up spinning out of its new home as part of what was understood to be a $50 (US) million deal.

New CEO William Conway was pleased. “Our independence and influx of growth capital will allow Mailgun to drive a product vision that will thrill developers when they see what is coming down the pipe,” he told the trade press.

Tech changes on the cards with HEML

Those who work on the technical side of email marketing services might be interested to hear about a new open-source markup language which has been launched to make highly responsive emails easier to create.

HEML, which was founded by Avi Goldman of email delivery provider SparkPost, is designed to get rid of many of the issues faced when creating interactive elements. When writing in HEML, CSS bugs are far less likely and every element used gets rendered into email-friendly HTML for ease of delivery.

Get to know your audience. Email client usage differs by industry—and from brand to brand.

Gender diversity gets a boost

Over recent years, the email marketing industry has been making moves to ensure that women play an equal role and don’t face discrimination in the workplace – and email marketing in Australia has been no exception.

So it was good news in June 2017, when the first anniversary of Women of Email – an organisation which aims to boost women’s professional growth and development within the industry – was celebrated around the world. By that point, the organisation had over 1,300 members globally.

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