Redesigned Google+ focuses on Collections and Communities

If you were to head over to Google Plus and check out your page today, you might find that things have changed a little bit.

While Google has not been able to put together a social media interface that competes with the big names of social media, they have revamped their current offering.

The new Google Plus

Google Plus has a new look that focusses on increasing functionality and usability.

The two key areas that Google has focussed on developing are Communities and Collections.

Creating products that fulfil needs people don’t even know they have is Google’s digital strategy. So far, there is no reason to doubt that the digital giant will succeed in making Google Plus a successful social media outlet that enables people to share what they love.

Google’s digital marketing campaign is about connecting people from all over the world and starting conversations between people who are connected by interests, not locations.


Collections is about using the web it was meant to be used – by immersing yourself in a whole world of content about the one subject. Want to see millions of tilt shift tiny towns because you have an interest in photography? No problem. And you’re less likely to get sucked out of your interest into the vortex of other people’s interests in the world wide web.

As with all Google products, Collections is easy. Simply open up Google+ and click on ‘Collections’ on the menu. You only have one option to begin with – ‘create a collection.’

Alternatively, you can click on the tab to see other people’s collections to get the hang of things by browsing featured collections. You can start simple and click on ‘Movies’, or you can specifically look at someone’s collection of favourite old movies and screenplays.


‘Communities’ is where the real conversation starts. You can learn about blogging, discuss graphic design, or even browse the joke of the day. Of course, you can talk about topics that are far more… niche. Remember, these are conversations that have been started by someone, somewhere in the world that is bound to have your interests. So if you really do want to connect with other Rob Zombie fanatics, you won’t have any problem finding more than 600 of them of Google Communities.

To top it all off, the new Google+ loads quickly and is aesthetically pleasing in a stark but colourful grid. The simplicity that makes it beautiful also makes it functional across all your devices.

Other changes

As well as Collections and Communities, Google+ has also made it easier to connect with others, search for matters of interest, and keep up with content that is more focussed on you.

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