Review: JobBag Project Management Software

Real-time collaboration, task tracking, cost management and reporting are just some of the benefits to using project management software. In this article, iFactory reviews JobBag, a project management software package designed for creative businesses. As a full-service digital agency and JobBag user, here is our take on JobBag.

What is JobBag?

JobBag certainly has a lot to offer creative businesses. Assisting with everything from job costing to timesheet management, the project management software also helps project profitability and streamlines the business process. If you’re looking for a tool to help you better manage your creative projects in order to get things done on time and on budget, this could be the software for you.

Features to suit your needs

The software offers plenty of features, allowing you both extensive coverage and great flexibility when it comes to timesheets and costing. All information relating to projects are kept in a centralised dashboard, making it easy to organise, plan and track the progress of you jobs. All this is offered in the JobBag Lite package, but you can choose between this and JobBag Essentials and the full JobBag package depending on your needs.

Added extras with Essentials

JobBag Essentials includes everything outline above, while also including some extra key features. This package assists with job planning, allowing you the option to plan all your projects or micromanage them individually. It also offers you analysis and feedback, reporting on projects in order to help you understand the ins and outs of your business. Not only that, you also receive financial assistance integrated into the software, which reports to your accountant.

Better future planning

With the full JobBag package, you get all this and more. This package analyses your capacity and utilisation, to help you understand if your business is running at its full potential. It can also project business capacity and resources needed for future projects, which is an invaluable insight for any business. JobBag are also able to store and archive any documents or emails relating to projects, and can do this locally or via the cloud. The ‘Pipeline’ feature enables you to budget and forecast for future jobs, meaning you have everything you need to streamline your business and increase efficiency.

Benefits of using JobBag

JobBag is fantastic for giving you control over projects, from beginning to end, as well as allowing you to judge the effectiveness of your project management. Whether it’s how you allocate resources or your profitability, JobBag gives you amazing insight into how you can improve the running of your business.

The full package is really the most desirable, allowing you to analyse and organise your business from end to end. However, for some smaller businesses the cost may be prohibitive. JobBag Lite or Essentials might be preferable in this case, and both offer an excellent service that can still help to manage your projects.

JobBag helps iFactory deliver on time, brief and budget

JobBag is a tool that we use in-house at iFactory, so we’re happy to recommend it. We find it incredibly useful as it offers a holistic and integrated job tracking solution that leads to accurate billing and profit reporting, resulting in on time and on budget digital solutions for our clients.

As a full-services digital agency, our experienced team of web developers, digital designers and multichannel marketers are here to help your business achieve its goals. Call iFactory today to find out how a digital strategy can grow your business.

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