What does a Project Manager do?

If you are a details person who excels under pressure, has great time management skills, and loves achieving goals with set deadlines – if you have an ability to communicate clearly with different types of people, then a career as a project manager may be the perfect choice for you.

Overseeing client projects

Many organisations employ project managers, but within the digital agency industry they are required to have more specific industry related skill-sets than a more general business type. Part of this is overseeing (essentially being responsible for) the entire client project. If we had to put it into one phrase, it would be that the project manager does whatever is required to ensure that the client’s project happens, and happens on-time!

Liaising with clients

This role can often be a big one. Managing the project may mean that you are not only managing other staff, but that some of those staff are managers of different departments. They may even be higher up the chain that you! However, the most critical component is working with the client. You will need to discuss the client’s objectives, including time-frames, goals and outcomes. You will want to get inside the client’s head and see the world as they see it. Never take it for granted that what they are saying is what they actually want. Take the time to dig deeper by asking the client questions that reveal the true vision they have.

Determine marketing objectives

What does the client want? You will need to define what the digital marketing objectives are, and how they will be achieved. You will also specify which services are going to be engaged by the client for each project.

Coordinate the delivery of the project

This is where the title project manager really earns its stripes. The role involves working with key stakeholders, ensuring that work is completed on time. You will also need to incorporate into your project management tools the expense budget and individualised client specifications that may be unique to the project.

The role described here is a mix of a high level business manager, with the time management and detail skills of an executive assistant, and the people skills of a professional speaker. It is quite a role, and certainly would be a challenge every single day. However, for someone who has the described skill-set and knows they need a challenge to stay motivated, then this could be the ideal job.

This blog is the seventh in our eight part series exploring what it’s like to have a career in the digital world. Our next piece will take a look at the ins and outs of being a technical director.

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