SEO: simple ways to find the right keywords

If you know anything about web content, SEO and Google rankings, you know words are a powerful element. But how do you know exactly which words to choose to get your website visited and up there on the first page of Google?

The more a keyword is used by searchers and websites, the more difficult it is to rank for. For this reason, you should focus on long-tail keywords.

Keyword research tools are available online and are a great way to test the words and phrases you believe best describe your product or services. Besides that, keyword research can help you keep up with changes in the market, possibly enabling you to change your products and services to meet market demand.

Never have consumer habits changed as quickly as they do today. Technology leads the way in this with entertainment close on its heels. This opens the doors to changes across everything from fashion to food and you have to find a way to keep up.

Take a look at your competitors. What are they doing? What words are they using and where are they using them? Keywords in your title tags and in your headlines should be used in conjunction with keywords in the copy itself. People search for what they want, so your keywords need to reflect their needs and be included naturally.

Google have tools to help you. Their Keyword Planner allows you to type in your word or phrase and find a list of similar keywords. Against these keywords will be a count of how often each word is searched; this way you can determine which are the best keywords for your marketing campaigns or website. There is also a competition column which shows you the words with the most competition in Google AdWords (paid search marketing).

So start doing your research and put together your list of keywords. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to start testing your keywords and take a look at what your competition is doing. When your keywords are working, so is your business!

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