To guide your digital marketing strategy, iFactory undertakes SEO analysis, competitor analysis and technology audit.

Having shared your business objectives, vision for success online and product knowledge through our workshop, the next step is for us to undertake market research.

First, we research your market and carry out competitor analysis by trawling through sites that currently compete with yours on Google. Then we benchmark any current platform performance by reporting on your existing search engine ranking.

It’s important to look at search engine keywords too, which will inform our approach to search engine optimisation. We also profile your target audience and their behaviour by building user profiles and stories.

If you’re looking for your new custom application to integrate with existing digital platforms, we’d also need to research your existing hardware and software capabilities and constraints.

It is this total immersion in your brand and market that will inform our recommendations and ensure your digital strategy is relevant, achievable and accountable.

To see the result of this kind of up front research, view our portfolio or contact iFactory today.

of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.
HubSpot, 2017