What is iFactory’s “5 Fives of Design”?

How long does it take for someone to decide whether they like or don’t like your website? Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprising) some studies suggest that it takes less time to blink than it does to form a lasting impression of your business online.

Whether it’s 0.05 seconds or 15 seconds, we know that first impressions are made quickly and once formed are next to impossible to undo. So, what can you do to ensure your website design makes the right first impression?

“5 Fives of Design” explained

At iFactory, we use the “5 Fives” to help explain what happens in those crucial first moments when someone visits your website. It explains how visitors react to a web design, specifically the timeframe in which that crucial decision to stay or leave is made.

  1. In one fifth of a second, it’s a gut-feeling. It’s emotional and instantaneous. It’s a positive or negative “feel” and it may even be subconscious.
  2. In 5 seconds, that crucial first impression is now set in stone. Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate on my device? Is the message clear? Five seconds is all it takes for these questions to be answered for better or worse.
  3. In 15 seconds, it’s time to decide whether to stay or leave. Judgement is swift and severe. With good design you might stay maybe a few minutes, but with bad design it’s a few seconds.
  4. In 50 seconds, the battle is practically won. In that time you’ve explored the home page, scanned the menu, and even rubber-stamped their brand. You’ve probably found what you’re looking for and are now deciding if you want it in beige or black.
  5. In 5 minutes, you’re shouting their slogan from the rooftop. Five minutes is an eternity on the web and if you’ve stayed this long, you definitely like what’s on offer and want more.

How the “5 Fives” guide us in designing your website

All at once, in one fifth of a second or less, your website needs to communicate:

  • What is it that you do?
  • What is your core strength?
  • What is the feeling you exude?
  • Will you look after me if I come to you?
  • How easily can I know more about you?

Think that’s too much to fit into the first impression of a landing page? Not really, if you think strategically. A picture speak a thousand words, as does a well-chosen colour palette, while a simple and direct headline says the rest. Then you can complete the job with smart positioning of menu items and links to your range of services.

More and more though, our snap judgements are being made on things like load speed and device compatibility (i.e. whether or not the site displays well on a smartphone or tablet). Everything must work seamlessly, every time, to ensure your brand stands out from the bunch.

Make the right first impression – choose iFactory

Designs that make great first impressions don’t happen by accident. It’s about understanding the triggers for your specific target audience and crafting a design that communicates quickly and effectively.

That’s why it pays to partner with a professional website design agency like iFactory. Our web designers will help you make the right first impression, and get customers returning time and time again.

Need a little convincing? See how these fundamentals drive the designs for our clients by visiting our online design portfolio and case studies.

To find out more or to arrange a free consultation, contact iFactory on 07 3844 0577

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