User Profiles & Stories

Defining your audience’s needs and expectations is a crucial part of the web design process.

Websites aren’t just viewed by a single person. Whether they’re market researchers, sales representatives, internal staff, administrators and yes, consumers, all users must be considered when designing your website functionality.

User profiles and user stories are an important part of the development process as they help define your audience’s expectations and help guide design choices.

User profiles relate to the individuals who interact with the website: who they are, their occupation, their age, interests and buying habits. This information then forms the basis of user stories, which are brief descriptions told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability.

These user profiles and stories help guide our approach to website design. They ensure that “functional” user groups are given relevant access to the back-end of your website or content management system, and that the site functionality and digital marketing campaigns respond to the needs of consumers.

To make sure your new website meets the needs of your business, employees and consumers, Contact our experienced Brisbane digital marketing team today.

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HubSpot, 2017