What you need to know about Googlebot – Google’s web crawler

In this article, we’ll give you some hot tips to ensure Googlebot looks at your site favourably.

Ever wondered how Google finds the search results it produces in its search engine? It’s through its web crawler, which crawls through the web and indexes various different web pages, presenting them in a ranking order. 

This web crawler is otherwise known as Googlebot. So how can you make sure when Googlebot visits your web pages it ranks your site highly on its search engine? In this article, we’ll give you some hot tips to ensure Googlebot looks at your site favourably.

How Googlebot functions

Googlebot works by finding new links on pages and adding them to its index, using sitemaps and databases to discover places to search next. 

If your website is easily crawlable – in that the Googlebot finds it easy to navigate around your website – then you will end up with better Google rankings.

How do you know whether Googlebot likes your site? 

You can use simple tools which will examine all your web pages and let you know whether Googlebot will be able to crawl your website easily. 

How to improve your website

You need to analyse your site, using different tools, finding the errors and then fixing them, so that Googlebot can see your website in a favourable light. 

Make sure you all of your pages are loading quickly and that your content is Google friendly – meaning all your links work and your sentences are kept short. This will keep the Googlebot from blacklisting your website. 

Ensure you don’t have any duplicate content on your website as this will harm your Google rankings and make sure all the content on your site is of high quality. The Googlebot doesn’t like content that looks like it was written by a robot, so make sure your content is engaging. 

Make sure you spend time on your site, going over the content and the links, to ensure everything reads well and all the links lead somewhere – either onto another page of your website or to another site that has high-quality content

If you install tools at the back end of your website, they can do a lot of this hard work for you, flagging the errors up when there’s a problem, so that you know you need to fix them. 

Don’t forget the power of Googlebot

It’s important to create your website with Googlebot in mind because the more Googlebot loves your website, the higher your Google rankings and the higher the number of people who will visit your website. 

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