Why are digital project managers so valuable?

Why do you need a digital project manager for your website build? This is why.

A dedicated project manager may feel like a luxury hire at times. In the creative agency world, however, they’re priceless. We’ve found that, regardless of what industry our clients operate in, when tackling a new digital project, whether it’s launching a new website for a multi-national company or developing an application or software for a start-up ecommerce platform, project managers are crucial to owning the strategic elements of the project.

What is a digital project manager?

Is digital project management just project management with a specialisation? In a sense, yes. Simply put, digital project management is “making stuff happen” in a digital world. Naturally, “digital” can be perceived quite broadly. With reference to the creative digital agency or studio world we live in – if what we’re delivering is online, involves anything from website development to app and game creation, and includes pixels, megabytes and data then it’s definitely digital.

Digital project managers require a unique skill set to thrive in their field; a skill set that helps them understand the scope and scale of online-based projects and organise their teams and budgets accordingly. You’ll find a digital project manager working on any of the following:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Website builds or re-builds
  • App development
  • Digital system integration
  • Analytics implementation
  • Big data warehouse installations

The true value of a digital project manager

The Australian Institute of Project Management describes project managers as “change agents”. They’re able to own project goals and use their diverse skill set to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team. Under pressure is where project managers thrive and people who opt for these roles are comfortable with change and navigating complex problems. They’re the kind of people who can see both the forest and the trees, with their ability to shift between “big picture” goals and the small details naturally.

Along with an ability to organise and juggle a variety of schedules and projects at once, project managers are good at cultivating the people skills needed to develop trust and stellar communication for all involved in a project, from the sponsors (those who will benefit from the project) to the project team members. They’re multi-linguists too, able to understand and translate website developer “moon language” and relay it to the relevant parties.

Why have a project manager to manage your large-scale digital project, when you could just employ a web developer or designer? Developers are a unique breed, and while some are multi-skilled, they’ve spent more time learning technologies over learning about business processes. The reality is, developers care more about ease of implementation and being able to “build things” than uncovering your business needs. A digital project manager, on the other hand, will have a full understanding of both the web project vision and the technical considerations of the development team.

When it comes down to it, a digital project managers role is to see your digital vision come to life. They take on the big picture, the intricate details and work to drive the project forward. If you don’t want to get bogged down in the details, a project manager will be your best bet!

About iFactory

iFactory is a full-service digital development and creative agency. We specialise in website design, app development, digital marketing, digital business strategy and website support. Our dedicated project managers work with our in-house team of copywriters, developers, marketers and designers to achieve a successful digital solution. Contact us to start your next digital project.

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