Why we love Pidoco Rapid Prototyping & Wireframing Tool

Wire framing is used to create mock up user interfaces (UI) for web, mobile and desktop applications so that web designers and developers can test the look and feel of their product. Interactive wireframes have texture, you can click on links and view animations in a simulated environment allowing you to view the content in much the same way as the end user will when it goes live; and all without the need to waste time creating a ‘full’ working version of the site.

There are however a great number of both online and offline wire framing software options out there and it can sometimes be a little confusing as to which one is best for your business.

Fortunately we’re on hand to offer some advice, and one product we swear by is Pidoco. Pidoco offers a great entry point to wire framing tool sets. Professional looking wireframes can be constructed in just minutes and can help you to visualise your design and functionality using a simple drag and drop UI. Your prototype will be ready to view in a fully interactive form in no time at all, complete with a professional looking sheen that helps convey your app or websites features.

Pidoco allows you to rapidly create professional clickable wireframes and interactive prototypes, collect feedback and run usability tests to involve key stakeholders and end users during user interface design. You can reduce rework; speed up development, save costs and increase usability and profits.

Sharing your design is also easy to do, simply send colleagues or clients a uniquely generated URL and they can view both high and low resolution versions on their phones, tablets and laptops. This unique collaborative feature can often lead to better results than those that can be gained from using free tools and since Pidoco offers one click solutions, your workflow will be both smoother and quicker. Usability test can also be handled online, with the ability to stream sessions over the web with just a click of a button you can show clients your basic design ideas in real time.

Wireframes helps iFactory visualise ideas, present concepts and make it easy to involve our clients and their stakeholders early in the development process when leverage is greatest. Our wireframes depict the layout and functionality of applications, and enable our marketing, design and development teams to develop concepts for our clients, long before any coding happens.

Wireframes help us and our clients think things through and visualise processes, long before embarking on the development phase. This enables more productive teamwork and collaboration and helps ensure project success while saving costs and preventing lost investment.  We often use wireframing during the functional specification phase to help illustrate complex functionality as well.

Pidoco can speed up your development projects by more than 50 percent.
– Pidoco

These are just some of the reason why we use Pidoco here at iFactory to provide you with a web development that is agile, fully customisable and garners stunning results. We’re fully accredited by the GITC and we’re one of Brisbane’s top leading agencies. So if you want to know more about Pidoco or wire framing in general then why not give us call? We’d be happy to introduce you to the next generation of web design. 

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