Interactive Wireframes

See your new website come to shape sooner than ever

The web is an interactive medium – so should be the plans for your new website.

Typically, one of the first steps we embark on with the advent of a new website is to create a wireframe. This is in effect a virtual blueprint of how the website is going to take shape. It’s plain, boxy and merely an indicator of content positioning, rather than how it’s going to look as far as final colours and shapes.

One way we can make wireframes more approachable is to make them interactive. While an interactive wireframe will not be completely representative of the final website – for example, a complex ecommerce site will not have all the products and customisations available at the wireframe stage – it allows you to:

  • Click on sample page links
  • Select items on drop down menus and see example changes
  • See areas that have hover, animation or transition effects
  • Get an overall feel for how your new website behaves.

We’ve found that our clients who have had an interactive wireframe built get a better understanding of their site quicker, which allows all of us to make the final product sooner and more smoothly.

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