Functional & Technical Specifications

Plan twice, develop once, with a comprehensive specification built for your needs

Devising a comprehensive functional and technical specification is critically important for complex projects, but often goes completely unseen.

Simply put, a functional and technical specification acts as the blueprint for your project. They’re especially useful on complex applications or large-scale Ecommerce projects where the fine details haven’t been worked out yet. By spending time solving all the little unforeseen problems in this stage, you save a lot of potential rework and costly mistakes during the development phase.

To create a functional and technical specification that stands the test of time, our team of project managers, designers and developers extensively go through your project requirements with you to nail down the fine details and raise any potential issues ahead of time.

For example, imagine you want to make an Ecommerce site for fans of your local hockey team. In the functional and technical specification process we could identify and resolve unanswered questions such as “what happens if someone from overseas orders a jersey?” or “can we offer signed pucks for people on our mailing list?”. Having this document ready means that you know in advance exactly how your upcoming digital project will perform in any circumstance.

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