Australian SME confidence and behaviour survey: Finance and insurance

Confidence among the finance and insurance industry hits a high.

Confidence rose strongly to make this sector the equal leader. Expectations are positive for each key performance indicator.
2016 Sensis Business Index

Welcome to the seventh blog in a series by iFactory that has been detailing the results of the June 2016 quarterly Sensis Business Index for our readers. The survey, produced by Sensis, provides a great insight into various industries behaviours and confidence – particularly in the small to medium business arena.

iFactory’s previous blogs in this series have simplistically outlined the results for the manufacturing, building and construction, wholesale and retail trade, hospitality and transport and storage industries – with each sector getting its own individual breakdown. Make sure you follow our blog regularly for more coming up. This week, we’re checking in on June 2016 quarter responses for the finance and insurance industry.

Those in the finance and insurance sector are grinning from ear to ear

Are you a small to medium enterprise specialising in finance and insurance? Then you will definitely want to read on – as it’s pretty much all fantastic news.

The Sensis report has found that this industry is equal first of any other in confidence, and had the biggest jump in general contentment as well.

Looking for a comparison with the previous quarter to gauge just how positive this is for the finance and insurance sector? Well, although the survey found that last quarter sales and profit were generally decent, employment was the one area that was in the red when it came to behaviours and confidence.

Compare these previous results to this quarter and the major indicators used by Sensis to scope how SMBs are tracking, and you’ll be thrilled. All five major areas were well above average in terms of sales, profitability, wages, prices and employment.

If these results are anything to go off, now is a great time for finance and insurance and a great indicator for those tempted to make their mark in the industry.

Finance and Insurance Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

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