Essential features for a successful website

What five things must you have in your arsenal when designing a successful website in 2017?


Websites are arguably the holy grail of any business’ marketing assets. Through earned, paid and other owned media, you will be directing audiences to your website, inviting them to learn more about your business and taking them on the buyer journey cycle. So, it’s important your site looks great, has enough content to keep readers engaged and entices them to invest, and most importantly – that it is functioning properly in the first place. What five things must you have in your arsenal when designing a successful website in 2017?

1. Is your site optimised for mobile use?

More than half of traffic is driven by mobile users. There’s nothing worse than trying to access information on a website but you can’t because the page is patchy and zoomed in x100. In addition, Google has also adjusted its algorithms to detect when a site isn’t mobile-friendly, making you less searchable for your lack of mobile capabilities.

2. Is it time to develop an app?

Depending on the nature of your business – i.e., retailer or IT consultant – developing a native app or mobile app may make your customers happier.

3. Strong copywriting

Fresh, consistent content not only engages users to stay on your site for longer, it also gives marketers more analysis to work from – what content was sticky? How did they move around the site after reading your blog? Creating a stream of original content through great copywriting and content marketing also improves your Google search ranking.

4. The ability to evolve

Is your website archaic, outdated and/or clunky? This will make it difficult to update your site. It’s important to speak to experts to ensure that when you want to make major updates or include a new plug-in on your site that it’s possible to do so.

5. Basic SEO

Ensure that you’re using meta-tags, meta-descriptions and that your H1 and H2 titles match up to what your customers are likely to search for.

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