Meet David, one of iFactory’s new Web Developers

A new web developer joins iFactory's Brisbane-based team

Welcome to the team, David Blazevic, one of iFactory’s fresh new web developers.

David takes the term Full Stack Developer to a whole new level – with “stacks” of experience, not only in front end and back end website development, but also in designing, leading and delivering digital marketing campaigns too.

This end-to-end perspective gives David (and us!) the edge when it comes to crafting a highly optimised and integrated digital presence for our clients.

Get to know more about David below:

How’d you come to work across digital design, development and marketing?

After trying out a semester of Civil Engineering (and hating it!) I enrolled in a double major at Bond University, learning about advertising, web design & development. I chose a variety of subjects I was interested in and completed hands on work applied to real-time digital case studies. Some of the tricks I picked up at Bond I still use to this day.

I eventually took a marketing role working for a direct marketing agency in Sydney. But when they found out I could code, I started down the path of developing digital work end-to-end. And that’s how it’s been for almost every role I’ve taken over the years. I’ve gradually built a depth of digital knowledge and skill across all aspects of the user experience.

Why did you pick website development at iFactory?

I spent the last 2 years as a digital operations manager for a well-funded start up, where I balanced managing a small team and building everything – campaigns, websites, web apps – from the ground up too. After helping the business bring their vision to life, I thought about where I wanted to be in the next five years. I wanted to focus and specialise even further.

I love to problem solve. Coding, design and marketing are just different modes of problem- solving — you’ve got to think of the best way to achieve a specific goal. At the end of the day, I chose web development because it’s what I enjoy most.

I like the variety of work iFactory offers – both in clients and project type. I can focus on developing my expertise further, while also being exposed to a whole range of work. I think it’s the best of both worlds.

What are you looking forward to most?

Technology is constantly evolving. I want to work with the tech, keep up with it, learn more about it and build web assets that are leading the way.

Interested in building a new website, making a business app or marketing your business online? Our Brisbane-based team can help grow your business online!

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