22 Tips for Digital Marketing in FY22

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling FY22… And outdated pop culture references aside, the turn of the financial year is a prime time to take stock on your digital marketing strategy.

There are so many marketing touchpoints to consider. Everyone is competing for dwindling attention spans. And the rules are always changing.

Our team at iFactory have done the hard yards and pulled together this list of tips and trends for your digital marketing in FY22.

Because we love a running theme, we’ve listed 22 of them. They’re handily sorted into categories for your content skimming pleasure.

wooden blocks showing 2021 changing to FY22

Content Strategy

Content sits at the heart of Digital Marketing. For content to do its job, you’ve got to have a strategic approach. Here are some tips for Content in FY22:

1. Pave the journey

Too often, content creation is reactive or purely campaign-based. But it’s really important to think of the bigger picture, create a cohesive message and support a seamless journey towards purchase. How does your content ecosystem fits together? Identify your key buyer personas and the content they need at every stage.

2. Participation rewards

Interactive content has long been best practice. New technology presents evermore opportunities for brand participation. Content like polls, surveys, contests, downloadable templates, memes, viral challenges, checklists and competitions promote engagement and enjoyment. Interaction doesn’t even have to be big. Building in the ability for micro-interactions – i.e. like, share, click or comment – all have an impact.

3. Privacy prevails

Apple’s IOS 14.5 update sent shockwaves through the digital marketing community. It allows Apple users the chance to opt out of third party data tracking. We think this is just one step in a growing trend towards greater privacy and consent. Highly targeted ads through Facebook and Google may be affected, but why not seize the chance for innovation in organic search and company-owned channels (*cough cough* see Apps!).

4. Connect

Businesses are no longer just providers of goods and services. Customers want to get to know you. Brand storytelling has never been more important. Whether its sharing the face behind the business name (your team, customers and suppliers), what your company stands for, how you got started, and why you’ve stuck around, think about what stories you can tell to connect on a human level.

Mobile and App design are important tools for digital marketing in FY22

Website Design

Great web design is a critical conversion tool in your digital marketing toolkit. Seamless, visually engaging and enjoyable web design helps tell your brand story and “funnel” your customers through to purchase. To make your website a potent tool for Digital Marketing in FY22:

5. Mobile-focus

m-commerce is growing faster than ever before. In 2021, mobile purchasing is expected to make up 72.9% of global e-commerce sales. It’s no longer about making sites mobile-friendly. We need to be mobile-focused. How? A clutter-free interface, lots of white space, big buttons, and responsive design.

6. Skim-friendly

Time is short. But time onsite = better rankings, right? Sure – but you don’t want to try holding potential customers hostage (this actually boosts your bounce rates!). Give them what they want: Headings, chunked down information, clear CTA’s and easy-to-find navigation buttons. Those who want to take their time digging deeper, will.

7. Anything but an eyesore

After the 24/7 “Zoom and gloom” of 2020, it’s no wonder that our eyes are calling for a rest. Web designers are looking at offering dark mode options and more natural, eye-friendly colour palettes to make the whole experience less of an eye-pain, and invite people to stay onsite longer to boost your site ranking.

8. Conversational marketing

Chatbots are a blessing and a curse. They offer 24/7 support and easy-fix problem-solving, but can cause great frustration if used to replace human contact. Conversational marketing uses pre-programmed message windows taking customer through a set of questions that quickly sorts those who need human support, and moves others through to a solution or sale. As bots get better at conversation (just look at Google’s LaMDA), we say watch this space.

Omnichannel content marketing in FY22

Social Media

A handy way to engage your audience is to catch them where they’re already hanging out… On social media. Aussies spend an average of 1 hour 46 minutes scrolling per day. These platforms invite people into a conversation with businesses. They help win trust, build brand loyalty and even brand advocacy (where people promote your business). The opportunity for virality is like “word of mouth on steroids”. So here’s a few tips:

9. Blend-in

Marketing means standing out from the crowd, right? Well there are good and bad ways to stand out. Banner blindness is when social media users spot ad content and automatically tune out. To boost engagement, brands are using content that looks like posts typical of social platforms –  memes, low-res images and video, lax grammar, social shorthand, and emojis. Ditch the ad feel. Be casual. Social media users and algorithms alike will rejoice!

10. Less is more

This point relates to number 9. We used to think that boosting visibility meant posting as often as possible. But churning out poor quality content comes off as spammy – and is penalised by getting less engagement and not showing up on feeds. Different business audiences tolerate different levels of frequency. Whatever your strategy: aim for meaningful, considered content first and foremost. See what people respond to. Go for “more and more” only when engagement stays high.

11. Video

Video killed the radio star, and has taken social media by storm. Videos attract, engage and convert better than any other form of content. With smart phone cameras only getting better, and the rise of Instagram Reels, IGTV, Facebook live and Tik Tok, there’s no need for big budget productions. In fact, some of the best performing videos are streams.  A few tips: keep it short, human, put your key messages up front and show your personality.

12. Tik Tok’s a ticking clock

You can’t mention social video without referencing Tik Tok. This video-sharing platform has exploded in popularity with Gen-Z and younger Gen-Y audiences. It’s still largely uncharted territory for businesses – particularly B2B. But as Tiktok expands advertising possibility (see TikTok For Business) it’s certainly a platform to watch – particularly for creative/youth-focused brands. If you’re after a safer bet – Facebook still reigns supreme, with 60% of Australians logging on daily (although it’s on the wane with younger groups).

13. Look at the lurkers

We’ve talked a lot about engagement so far, but social also shows you “impressions”. This is your reach: How many eyes have been on your content. This metric may be under-valued. How often have you seen something interesting in your feed, that you didn’t click on, but has stuck in your head? Engagement isn’t dead, but maybe we should look closely at how we track and evaluate our impressions. After all, many forms of social are actually built just for this purpose. Take stories, for instance.


Good digital marketing makes customers happy

Paid Search

Paid search can be one of the quickest ways to get in front of customers who are looking for your business. What’s on the cards for paid digital marketing in FY22?

14. Extensions

Google Ads are highly customisable, with hundreds of settings to help you stand out from your competitors. One of the best way is by using Google Ads Extensions. They expand upon your ad with additional information to encourage engagement, actively boost your clickthrough rate, and the best part is they come at no extra cost! You can add images, contact buttons, forms, lists and more.

15. Get smart

Smart Bidding is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a feature in Google Ads that enables you to automate bidding strategies by using machine learning to maximise impact. Check out the key Smart Bidding strategies here. Ads can get a bit tricky, so why not get a helping hand?

Search Engine Optimisation has always been important in digital marketing


Search Engine Optimisation or organic search, ensures your company stays top of Google search and top of mind for customers. A well optimised site can even boost your paid strategy. Here’s some SEO tips to boost your digital marketing in FY22:

16. Position zero

Good SEO gets you on the front page of Google search results. Great SEO gets you to number 1 spot. But the SEO jackpot is to achieve Position Zero: the Featured Snippet. This gives you greater visual “real estate” right at the top of the page. It’s been around for several years, but an oldy is still a goody. To get this result, write well-formatted content that answers a common customer question.

17. Voice search

Google’s data shows that 27% of the world’s online population is using voice search, and it’s on the rise. Strategies are still emerging. For now, know your customer and what they typically use voice search for, and ask yourself whether it’s relevant to your strategy. “Near me” searches are big in voice search, which is great if your target audience is local. Start by updating your Google My Business listing so you can be easily found. Consider targeting conversational, “long-tail” keywords and phrases.

18. More than words

With the rise of image search and video content, you can’t forget to optimise your video and imagery. Use high-quality files with custom file names, and descriptive alt tags.

Personalised marketing experiences in FY22 means happy customers

App Development

You might be asking, what do apps have to do with digital marketing? Plenty. A recent study shows that globally, people spend an average of 4.2 hours every day using apps. This makes app-focused communication a trend worth pursuing for your digital marketing in FY22:

19. App marketing

A well designed app will allow you direct marketing access to your customers, helps you create personalised experiences, and can boost customer trust and loyalty. It also allows for greater innovation in customer engagement. Take IKEA Place, which lets customers use Augmented Reality to test furniture placement.

2o. In-app messaging experience

In-app messaging will become more important in FY22, as people gain power over their notifications they receive. For example, Apple unveiled Focus mode in its upcoming IOS 15 update. This new feature minimises notifications and allows people further control in how and when they are being engaged. Embedded app messaging experiences, engaging message design, and timing are key.

Email digital marketing gives the best ROI

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective tools for digital marketing, with an ROI higher than any channel. What types of email strategies should you be using in FY22?

21. Switch up subject lines

How often do you skim over the sea of emails in your inbox, eyes glazing over at the mundanity of “much of the same”, only to trash the lot. There could be gold hidden in those emails, but you wouldn’t know, unless you really care about a brand and always click, or the email’s subject line makes you need to click. Try something different. What could be unexpected? What would make someone curious to know more? Best of all – Run some A/B testing to see what works best.

22. Automate

Automated email journeys and the use of marketing hubs like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot are fast becoming the norm. But there’s plenty of us who still do the majority of lead qualifying and nurturing by hand. If you’ve not set up at least one email funnel yet, an email experiment could be a great way to kick off FY22!

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on 22 tips and trends for digital marketing in FY22!

As you begin to plan your marketing for the new financial year, why not pick a few trends to play with?

Ask yourself: What is your top business priority in FY22? Who is the customer you need to reach to achieve this? And how can you make it easier for them to connect with you?

If you’re stuck, why not give the team at iFactory a call to talk through the best approach.

iFactory’s Brisbane-based team offer integrated digital solutions – web design, app development, digital marketing and more. We’re based in Brisbane, but we work with clients all over Australia, and globally. Contact us today.

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