How to optimise your website for SEO

In this blog, we discuss three essential techniques to ensure your website is SEO friendly and achieves a high search result ranking on Google.

It goes without saying that website design and organic search performance are inherently linked. Ensuring your website is optimised for search engines will ultimately increase website traffic and generate new leads for your business.

Most search engine users don’t look beyond the first page of results, so it’s important that your website ranks highly on Google, via Search Engine Optimisation.

In this blog, we discuss three essential techniques to ensure your website is SEO friendly and achieves a high search result ranking on Google.

1. Find and track your keywords

Your website must contain keywords that your customers are searching for on the web. You can use online tools such as Google Keyword Planner, which offers guidance on what keywords suit your business model best. Once you’ve decided on your target keywords, it’s important to track how well they are performing on Google. Popular keywords will vary over time and may not always maintain the highest ranking. You can use Google Analytics or tools like Tiny Ranker to track your keywords.

2. Ensure your website is user-friendly

Search engines will reward sites that offer a great user experience. Poor usability will translate to a bad user experience with Google. Ensure your website design is easy to navigate and has a clean aesthetic so that users can find the information or product that they’re looking for. People have limited attention spans, so it’s essential to keep the most important information above the fold, particularly on the homepage.

3. Publish high-quality content

The content on your website will inform search engines on what each page is about. Google’s algorithms value quality content, which will work in your favour for a high ranking for your website. Modern SEO is all about high-quality content that adds value to your website. Old practices such as keyword stuffing are now ineffective and impractical. Ensure each page on your site serves a purpose and that messages are conveyed as clearly as possible.

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