Plant A Difference Growing Strong

Australian Fundraising has been helping schools and community organisations raise money for great causes for many years, and has been working with iFactory to develop a wide range of websites and applications to help fund raisers reach their goals.

Their latest endeavour, Plant A Difference, takes a slightly different but no less worthwhile approach to the concept. Groups can raise money by encouraging donations that serve two fundamental purposes: fundraising and environmental conservation.

Plant A Difference spreads awareness about biodiversity and conservation, while also raising funds for schools and community groups. The Plant-A-Difference is the first Australian fundraiser to partner direct tree planting efforts with donations to a separate organisation.

To launch the project, Australian Fundraising worked closely with the team at iFactory to develop an informative subsite that lets potential fundraisers know how the system works and provides an easy way for them to find out more or sign up for the program. The design was based on existing Australian Fundraising guidelines and expanded to take on a more ecologically sound direction.

Have a look at the Plant A Difference website to find out more.

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