WordPress design mistakes to avoid

The following tips should go some way towards helping you get the balance right when undertaking custom WordPress development.

Broadly speaking, WordPress is an intuitive and user-friendly system that makes creating beautiful web pages a simple task. However, as with any creative online medium, WordPress web developers, can be vulnerable to mistakes, particularly SEO pitfalls.

One of the hardest things about using WordPress is ensuring it is optimised for search engines and aesthetically slick and on-brand. Indeed, users immediately judge the quality of a WordPress site by its look and feel, inevitably affecting bounce rates. The following tips should go some way towards helping you get the balance right when undertaking custom WordPress development.

1. Overusing images

It can be tempting to include large, imposing images on a website, particularly if they are beautiful and of a good quality. However, high-resolution images and video can be detrimental to a site’s overall SEO ranking. This is simply due to the length of time it will take for a page to load. To ensure you are not going over the top with your use of images, use tools such Google Page Speed Insights.

2. Your website does not work well on mobile devices

Many people now use their mobiles for internet use, so it is important to ensure your website displays well on a mobile browser. What’s more, the mobile-friendliness of a website affects its SEO score, with search engines such as Google ranking non-mobile friendly sites down in recent years.

3. Inconsistent content

It is important that all of the content you get on your site is well thought out and not simply used as filler. While it can be time-consuming to produce lots of quality content, it is one of the most important factors in drawing people back to a given site on a regular basis. It will also help provide more visibility in search results if relevant keywords are dispersed evenly and thoughtfully throughout.

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