3 tips for writing shareable content

3 tips for writing shareable content

Are you working hard on your blog, but wondering why you're not getting many shares? Content success is more about quality than quantity. There's no point in writing hundreds of articles, only to have no one reading them. Here are three tips for writing shareable pieces.

1. Be original

If it's been done before, don't do it again. Use a popular article as a base for new ideas, but try to avoid copying it or just rehashing the information presented.

Say you run a food blog and you're considering writing a listicle covering the 10 best pizza restaurants in your city. A quick Google search reveals that five local food bloggers have already listed theirs. So, think outside of the box to come up with a related idea that'll stand out. For example, you might write about the best ten quattro formaggio pizzas or the ten best garlic breads. The internet loves quirky fun.

2. Have an opinion

One of the easiest ways to engage readers is by expressing an opinion. If they agree, they'll jump at the chance to say so. If they don't, they'll feel compelled to argue. Either way, they'll be getting into a conversation with you and, chances are, sharing your article to gauge friends' opinions.

Do note that, in expressing yourself, you should never be offensive. Plus, it's a good idea to strengthen your arguments with supportive facts and figures.

3. Fix a problem

As most sales people know, a product that solves a problem is a product that sells. So, try writing articles that provide useful advice for solving problems.

Again, make an effort to be original. Google the problem you're thinking of. Have other bloggers solved it already? Think of another that's related, yet more specific or unusual. Ensure your solutions are intelligent and effective.

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