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4 ways to create engaging video content from still images


Thanks to ever-advancing digital technology it’s now easier than ever to make videos that are ready to be shared, liked and enjoyed around the world. However, what if you want to make a video but don’t have footage ready, or want to go for a different look? Perhaps using still images in a creative way is the answer.

You can use royalty-free stock photography images, or the camera in your mobile phone, to get the source material. It’s what you do with them that will make your work stand out. Here are some interesting styles to try:

1.         Photo Slideshow

A photo slideshow is a simple but very effective way to make your still images come alive. One technique that works well is to position the images so a constant theme or object is visible in every image, making the objects surrounding it seem like they are in motion while the target object is still. You can use a person’s face in a multitude of locations, or a glass of water on different objects, to try out the effect.

2.         Timelapse Photography

Timelapse photography is a tried-and-testing method of making still images move. By keeping the camera in one place and taking a shot at regular intervals, you can demonstrate the development of things being made, destroyed or moved in seconds. This is used to best effect with things that usually take a long time to see in full, such as the construction of a building or someone growing in height over the years.

3.         Stop Motion

You may have seen Stop Motion used in movies without even realising it. The effect is one of the most time consuming and demanding forms of animation, but the results can be spectacular. All you have to do to get started is find an inanimate object that you can interact with easily such as a toy, and take a photo of it after moving it a small amount. String enough of these images together in quick succession and you’re on your way to animation gold.

4.         Pixelation

Pixelation is a more advanced version of Stop Motion that typically focuses on people rather than objects. The process is similar to Stop Motion but you can experiment with the amount of time between images, to make it appear the characters are moving in an exaggerated fashion. Try taking a photo of someone jumping and then leave them hanging in the air for an extra second and see what happens.

There’s no end of creative ways you can bring still images to life. iFactory’s team of creative designers and web developers are continually working on new ways to create attention-grabbing websites, videos and digital marketing, so contact us today to see what we can create with you. 

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