Get Serious About Mobile Facebook Advertising

Get Serious About Mobile Facebook Advertising

Even if you have not buckled under the pressure of social media and the role it plays in our technological lives you should have noticed it turning your friends, family, colleagues and public transport companions into zombies. The evolution of social media is rapid and impenetrable as it overtakes more traditional measures of advertising such as letter drops and word-of-mouth. They are both still present and relevant; however, they have taken on a whole new online meaning. 

Importance of Social Media and Statistics 

Recent statistics pinpoint that half of all local searches are performed on a mobile device and is complemented by the fact that 91% of mobile internet access users ‘socialise’ or use social media on it too. With these two points in mind it is difficult to extricate you and your business from the influence of social media and specifically Facebook. 

Qwaya – a tech company who creates social marketing tools – undertook research into the growing statistics of Facebook. They displayed their results in a visually engaging layout known as an infographic – a visual representation of information, facts or statistics. The infographic presents results of which some are expected whilst others are enough to make the most seasoned business owner sheepish at the thought of not having engaged such a powerful marketing tool before now. 

If you are wanting to jump on the social media marketing bandwagon, contact iFactory to let us put together an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. 


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