Social media's gold rush

Social media's gold rush

Social media has been present since the mid-2000s, but its rapid increase of power since 2010 has prompted many to ask, "How does it affect me?"

Good use of social media is paramount to any digital marketing campaign, whether you're an independent Brisbane business or an ASX listed company.

It has become one of tools to get one key message directly into the palms, and pockets, of a specific target audience, and because of this undeniable fact, businesses are quickly handing over the advertising keys to creative digital agencies.

But why have we become so engrossed with social media? 

1. It's where we get our news

Somewhere along the line between the development of Facebook and the collapse of MySpace, we started finding the most interesting aspects of our lives on websites and message boards. It was no surprise that before long, companies like Twitter exploded and we suddenly had breaking news at our fingertips. People left newspapers and magazines in droves – even Brisbane’s MX newspaper recently closed – and began using social media to get their information. The power is with the people and readers can choose how and when they consume their news.

2. It's how we meet and stay in touch with people

Ask anyone under the age of 21 and they will look at the questioner perplexed by the idea of not having a mobile phone, Facebook and Gmail. “But how did you keep in touch?” is one burning question that arises from those conversations. People respond with, “Back in my day, we had letters and landlines.” But times have changed. Today, social media keeps us connected socially and in the business world. 

3. It's how we do business

Businesses don’t need a digital agency to tell them this, but they may need one to help out. Social media has become the way humans start, build and maintain businesses. Shops in towns are closing, and websites and Facebook likes are turning into gold. 

Social media marketing for businesses needn't be overwhelming; iFactory can help. Digital strategy packages can help companies jump into the modern day gold rush and increase awareness of your business. Take the leap and contact iFactory today.

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