Search engine optimisation

Spending less on paid search can lead to a better website experience


A growing number of businesses are spending large amounts on paid search marketing, largely in an attempt to increase traffic to their sites. Once the audience has reached the site, the logic goes that hopefully they will buy something or engage in other desirable customer behaviour. While it's true that paid search is a proven way to almost instantly boost traffic, its use can mask significant problems with a site, leading to difficulties with ongoing sustainability once the paid search is withdrawn. We've taken a look at how using organic SEO can give you the long term success you crave, often for less than the cost of maintaining an expensive paid search campaign.

Paid search doesn't always mean more sales

While a paid search will almost invariably mean that more traffic reaches your site, if visitors don't like what they see, they won't linger and they probably won't come back. If you want to sustain customer loyalty and create an environment that your target audience can't get enough of, investment in your site is vital; search engine optimisation can help you do this, as high-grade content, peppered with appropriate keywords and phrases, is an essential part of the organic SEO process.

Overhaul your site with organic SEO

By using the keywords and search terms which Google is likely to register throughout your site, you maximise the chances of gradually building a higher ranking in search results. In addition, because populating your site with search engine friendly content requires considerable input, it's also an opportunity to ensure that what's on the page is engaging, relevant and informative, as well as geared towards search engines. By spending time improving your site, you just don't make it more appealing to Google search engines, you also make it a far more attractive place for your audience to spend time and interact with what you've got to offer.

Although paid search can yield instant traffic, if you're looking for lasting business sustainability, it's essential to create and maintain a site which is capable of attracting and retaining clients based on its own merits. Rather than spend your hard-earned money on paid search which yields transient traffic, why not spend less, but invest it in optimising your site for both SEO and your target audience? As an experienced digital agency with a wealth of experience when it comes to SEO, we are ideally placed to help transform your site into something truly special.

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