iFactory’s New Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Jocelyn Hannasmith, iFactory’s new Digital Marketing Manager.

Jocelyn joins us with over 5 years’ experience in brand strategy, content marketing and business communications as part of an end-to-end business transformation agency.

From local startups, design and construction companies, to multi-national organisations, Jocelyn has helped a diversity of businesses find their voice, tell great stories, connect with the right people and build brand experiences that support growth.

Get to know Jocelyn a little better below.

Meet our new Digital Marketing Manager - Jocelyn Hannasmith

How did you get into Digital Marketing?

I’ve always been a storyteller. I learnt the persuasive power of a good story from a very young age. Story helped me make fast friends with almost anyone, and it got me out of (and into) a lot mischief! I’m also a digital native – I grew up testing out the latest gadgets and games on computers that my Pop built by hand.

I followed these passions into a Creative Industries degree, dabbling in visual and written communication, and later into a Master’s in Business.

Then, in every role I’ve held since, I have naturally fallen into brand strategy, copywriting and all facets of online communication, working with both external and internal business audiences. I’ve spent the last 5 years picking up strategies, skills and techniques through continuous learning to build my professional expertise – and through a lot of trial and error.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love getting stuck into strategy. I’m a bit of a nerd for going all-in on research and will spend hours analysing a business: their team, services, niche markets, audience segments, how they’re using digital channels, and their competitor’s strategies to pinpoint where the best opportunities lie.

Then, ideation is where I bring the energy. I love working with people and helping them get excited about a vision for their future. Generating ideas that will deliver real, tangible value – for the business and customers alike – gives me a real kick.

Sure – content creation is great too. But you’ve got to get to the guts of strategy first – otherwise all you’re doing is creating pretty words and pictures.

What are you enjoying so far at iFactory?

We have such a diverse array of clients, from large not-for-profits to local businesses. And I am particularly enjoying the amount of local industry businesses we have onboard. I grew up in industrial towns like Newcastle and Gladstone – my Dad was in the steel pipe business his whole working life. So it feels a bit like home.

Also – you can’t beat our spacious studio warehouse.

What is one thing people get wrong about Digital Marketing?

There’s plenty. But a big one is thinking that “getting it wrong” is, well, wrong.

When people are starting out, often they’ll launch head-on into digital marketing not knowing where to start and take a “scatter gun” approach. They’ll see little return and call the whole thing off, declaring marketing as too hard or even a waste of time. It’s such a huge missed opportunity. It’s important to recognise that you might not get it right on the first go – to even count on it, so you can plan for it.

I advocate a test and learn approach to digital marketing. Rather than investing in a whole heap of activity, you run a few tight experiments. Take the time. Do your research. Pursue one or two key opportunities. In no time, you can start tapping into the data to see where you could improve. Then start investing a little more in those digital marketing tactics that show promise, and tweaking or pausing those that aren’t landing, and expanding your activity so you can start to build momentum.

But – if you are struggling, don’t give up. Have a look and see what the data is saying. Consult the experts. Try something new. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout my career, it is this: insights from some of your biggest “failures” can fuel your biggest successes.

Interested in Digital Marketing services, but need a set of capable hands and the energy to get the ball rolling? Contact Jocelyn today.

Or if you’re in Brisbane, why not stop by our Bowen Hills studio. Book in a time – we’d love to meet you.

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