8 Website Essentials for Media

8 Website Essentials for More Media Coverage

All those great blog articles you’re producing are going to waste if they’re not being found so getting them out there is an essential aspect of your digital marketing.

One important aspect of your distribution strategy should be attracting press coverage and that involves making it super-easy for journalists to cover your content.

Well-constructed press releases housed on a well-designed website pressroom will go a long way to giving journalists precisely what they want to see, quickly and easily.

8 website features journalists will love you for

  1. Information about your business & products

Your website pressroom needs to tell time-poor writers what you do, why you’re different and why they should be interested in you. Keep your content as clear and concise as possible so that journalists can immediately know what you do and see where they can get more information on various aspects of that.

  1. Latest press releases

Past press releases provide a great snapshot of your major achievements. Keeping these in one location makes it easy for journalists to quickly see your company milestones.

  1. Contact information

Journalists will value some information on your key people as well as a range of ways to contact them including, email, social and phone numbers. This helps if they have questions, want to interview you or want to find out more about expertise.

  1. Founder bios and quality images

Quite often, the stories of founders give journalists great content. Share the bios of your founders on your website as well as high-resolution images of them.

  1. Quality media files

Make sure journalists can find all the images, video and pdfs they need to write about your products or your business. Images should be high-resolution and don’t forget your logo.

  1. Previous press coverage

Include websites, television, radio or print coverage for journalists so they can see what’s already been covered

  1. Mobile-friendly, responsive website

Like everyone else, journalists are looking at your website on different devices. If your site is not responsive and works terribly on a tablet or even a smartphone, journalists are more likely to turn to your competitor’s mobile-friendly website.

  1. Social channels

Making your social channels obvious on your website is a good idea anyway but it’s also helpful for journalists who might want to share or mention you in an article. It also enables them to follow you and perhaps find leads for interesting new content as you release it.

Each of these elements may already be on your website, but making sure it is organised in a well-designed press room will help journalists find what they need to give you more media coverage.

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