Aussie SME confidence and behaviour survey: Cultural, rec and personal

Business is bonkers for cultural, recreational and personal services

Relatively good sales and profitability results and positive expectations help explain strong confidence in this sector.
2016 Sensis Business Index

This is iFactory’s tenth and final article in our ongoing and compelling blog series analysing the June 2016 Sensis Business Index results. The quarterly report is a somewhat crucial insight for Australian small and medium businesses into just how confident their competitors are feeling about profitability of their business.

The previous nine blogs have individually focused on each of the industries looked at in the survey; manufacturing, building and construction, wholesale and retail trade, hospitality, transport and storage, finance and insurance, communication, property and business services and health and community services.

For our final part, we will round up the results with a closer inspection of the cultural, recreational and personal services industry.

No worries for those in the cultural, recreational and personal services industry

As with the hospitality industry, Aussies love pumping their cash into the cultural, recreational and personal services division. The umbrella term covers any number of occupations that cater to leisure and enjoyment for their customers – but have small and medium businesses in this industry been having a good quarter confidence-wise?

Following on from their trend set last quarter, the Sensis survey found that for another quarter, those in this sector were generally experiencing confidence above the national average.

Solid, established businesses with existing strong customer bases were in the majority who stated that business is going gangbusters for them, while the few that were lacking confidence attributed it to cost issues and falling sales.

Overall, all five indicators used by Sensis to gauge optimism in any given industry were in the green for this industry, with sales, profitability, wages, prices and employment all looking great.

Cultural, Recreational and Personal Services Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

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