Australian SME confidence and behaviour survey: Transport and storage

Transport and storage SMBs confident, despite treacherous conditions.

This sector is more confident but still trails the national average after experiencing a difficult quarter. Despite this, expectations are fairly positive.
2016 Sensis Business Index

We hope you’ve been enjoying iFactory’s blog series, which has been detailing the results of the June 2016 quarterly Sensis Business Index for you. The survey, produced by digital marketing leader Sensis, provides a much-needed insight for business owners in various industries into the behaviours and confidence of small to medium businesses in their field.

If this is something you want more information on, our previous blogs have outlined the results for the manufacturing, building and construction, wholesale and retail trade and hospitality industries. Continue to follow the iFactory blog regularly for more upcoming breakdowns. This week, we’re following up on the results of the June 2016 report on the transport and storage sector.

Transport and storage experiences a much-needed quarterly replenishment

If you’re a small to medium business owner of a transport and storage company within Australia, you’ll be well aware that previous quarter results of the Sensis survey have been discouraging – to say the least. Sales and profitability have been the main source of worry over previous years, but the June 2016 results seem to be looking up.

Despite still being behind the national average of confidence within different sectors, the transport and storage industry is, within itself, seemingly growing in confidence. The survey found the industry was confident in all five aspects that is uses to gauge behaviour – sales, profitability, wages, prices and employment. The most confident SMBs of the 1,000 surveyed across Australia cited good, healthy sales and being established in the market as crucial factors to keeping their heads above water. Those that had been around for longer, and had more time to establish a good consumer base, were clearly going to be more positive than those attempting to only now get their foot in the door of this industry.

Transport and Storage Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

Just how can iFactory help my transport and storage business?

Transport and storage can be a lucrative business avenue – if you have the right tools and know-how to get your name out there. At iFactory, we are experts in crafting original, unique digital marketing solutions that actually work. We educate on the importance of having a solid digital presence behind your business and can help you develop and implement a plan to get your transport and storage business ahead of the pack.

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