Digital Innovation: 5 Devices in 1

Many of you are likely the proud owners of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and smart TV. Now imagine all those things in one device! Designed by a South African-based computer engineering student, the Seed is a look into the future of where digital devices may be heading.

Through the proliferation of smartphone technology and impressive computing power offered through these devices, ideas like this could just be the next big thing. Along with this we see multi-screen usage becoming more and more popular, highlighting the need for website design and email design to cater to screens of all shapes and sizes through responsive website design techniques.

The brains behind the Seed

Put simply, Nick uses a powerful processor and 128GB of flash storage which allows him to dock the smartphone into a tablet, notebook, desktop and HDTV using a magnetic locking mechanism.

The increasing rate of similarity between modern smart devices was the core idea that stemmed the whole concept. In the eyes of its creator, the Seed helps to overcome the disjointed and frustrating experience of using all these smart devices together.

Smart Devices and Responsive Website Design

Although the Seed could be successful in reducing the number of smart devices we have to constantly swap between in our day-to-day, the number of screens doesn’t change. With over 65% of all Australian’s now owning smartphones and driving 1/3 of all online sales, penetration of this technology has already cemented its future. Ensuring that your website design now caters to smartphone, tablet and other devices can be made easy using responsive design and has become the minimum standard in the eyes of modern day consumers.

The Seed inspiring innovation

With high hopes to connect with more than just mobile smart devices, Nick’s project is still in the design phase. Does this type of device sound ideal for you? Watch this space as iFactory regularly report on exciting innovations in smart devices, website design, responsive design and other exciting news from the digital world.

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