Essential web design for transport and logistics companies

Be it newspaper, radio, billboards or TV, traditional advertising now falters when it comes to delivering highly targeted and measurable results for transport and logistics companies.

Sure, these mediums can be used to complement your marketing efforts, but the fact is that more than ever before people are using the web to search for products and services. That is why it’s crucial to be visible in search engines like Google by investing in a targeted online presence.

For more than 10 years, iFactory has been delivering quality web designs and targeted digital marketing strategies for the transport and logistics industry. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names, working to attract more quality leads, increase lead conversion rates and gain that competitive edge online.

Why your transport and logistics company needs quality web design

While each company has its own requirements and budget, here are a few reasons why your company needs a targeted digital presence:

  • To effectively market your brand and services. Make the right first impression with intuitive and meaningful web design. This means using the latest design techniques to draw the eye and produce consistency and credibility in your brand, as well as making it easy for users to find and learn about your company, services and locations.
  • To be found quickly and easily in search. Your company website needs to be properly built and optimised for search to have a chance at a high Google ranking. Search engine optimisation (SEO) doesn’t stop at site launch though; ongoing SEO is crucial to build your site’s reputation and ensure it remains relevant in search rankings.
  • To drive specific action. Whether you want customers to call, email or fill out a form, get the result you want by including clear calls to action on every page.
  • To be found on mobile devices. Today, more people are accessing the internet on smartphones and tablets than on desktop, which means mobile-friendly design (aka responsive web design) is a must.
  • To attract quality staff. Having an attractive and visible web presence makes it easier to attract drivers and staff to your transport and logistics company. This may involve having a custom driver application form or promoting your company culture through a regular blog.
  • To manage and update content quickly and easily. Building your website using a content management system offers businesses a convenient and easy way of publishing, editing and modifying content in-house.

See our work for the transport and logistics industry

To give you an idea of the calibre of our work, here is a sample of our most recent projects for businesses in the trucking and logistics industry:

If you’re looking for an innovative web design delivered by a team that understands what’s important in your industry, contact iFactory for a comprehensive quote and consultation.

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