How to get greater engagement through Facebook image posts

To get your Facebook fans liking, sharing and commenting you need an image that makes them stop in their tracks with content that’s irresistible. A post may be seen, but it takes something special to get fans to engage.

A few short years ago, image posts were still a novelty and so naturally attracted greater visibility and engagement. But thanks to Facebook’s latest algorithm change and a more visually-saturated news feed, we must think of new techniques to elicit a response.

Here are just five ways to create Facebook image posts that are sure to get greater engagement.

1.    Encourage a response

We’re all incredibly busy and we don’t have time to give lengthy responses to complicated questions. We’re much more likely to engage if doing so only takes us a few seconds. Here are a few ideas of how to elicit a quick response to your images:

  • Ask fans to caption a funny or interesting picture.
  • Pose a question around your image, but phrase it simply so that it prompts a quick one- or two-word response.
  • Ask for help in naming a new product, but again be explicit and ask for a one- or two-word response.
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts are also a great way to boost engagement.

2.    Share real people

People are more likely to engage with images of real people and real situations instead of stock photos and staged models. So, whether it’s a picture of staff at an event or of a happy customer, your brand is more likely to shine and the post more click-worthy.

3.    Post a quote as a photo

People love to share and like quotes, especially motivational ones. Now you can easily transform inspirational quotes into eye-catching images.

QuozioQuotesCover.comLiveLuvCreate and Pinwords are just a few FREE tools that help you do this. How do they work? Simply find and enter a quote that’s timely or relevant to your brand, pick a background or image that suits, and post to Facebook. It’s that easy.

4.    Test and track performance

It’s a mistake to think that all Facebook posts will generate great engagement. The only sure-fire way to find out what your fans will and won’t respond to is through trial and error – and this takes time. Study how your images perform (e.g. likes, shares, clicks, sign-ups, purchases) to see which ones trigger a response and which ones fall flat. When you find what works, replicate it and go one greater.

5.    Pay to boost visibility

If you’re going to the trouble of developing inspirational and engaging image posts, it helps if they’re seen by a large, qualified audience. A paid Facebook ad campaign can help you grow your brand in a consistent and predictable way by putting your posts in front of a large and targeted audience.

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