Squarespace vs Strikingly


A CMS, short for content management system, provides you with the tools to set up a website, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge whatsoever. These days, there’s an array of off the shelf CMS options on the market, offering professional-looking designs and tools that are powerful, yet easy-to-use. For a monthly fee, you usually receive hosting, technical support, access to statistics and so on. But with the proliferation of options available, how do you decide which to use?

Here we take a quick survey of two popular hosted CMS solutions Squarespace and Strikingly and we reveal how they compare.


One of Squarespace’s most appealing characteristics is its sheer variety of features, which amounts to a serious level of flexibility. Whether you want customers to be able to access a mobile version of your site or the option of code control, you can do it. Secondly, the standard of website design is absolutely stunning. You’re highly unlikely find anything that appears amateurish or unattractive. Thirdly, customer support services are are responsive and broad-ranging. Live chat assistance means you can get help quickly and easily.

That said, Squarespace is one of the most expensive online hosted website facilitators on the market, with prices beginning at $8/month and reaching $30/month. No free option is available. What’s more, it’s reasonably complex to use, so it best suits people who are already fairly confident using a website builder.


Many people opt for Strikingly because it’s incredibly easy to navigate, especially if you have a Facebook page containing all the information that you need for your website development. You simply give the hosted CMS permission to access your Facebook account and it does everything for you, at one click. It can definitely save a lot of time. Pricing is also rather attractive. In fact, you can use Strikingly’s hosted CMS website builder for free if you don’t need any more than 5GB of data. For bigger sites, prices range from $8 to $16.

On the more challenging side, is that Strikingly offers less control and flexibility than Squarespace. Making a choice between the two really depends on why and how you’ll be using the site.

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