Top SEO Trends for 2017

As the end of 2016 approaches, it’s time to start thinking about digital strategy for 2017, including the trends that will shape SEO.

Although it may not feel like it, the new year is fast approaching and it’s time to start preparing digital strategies for 2017. As 93% of online experiences begin with searches, SEO will continue to form an important part of these strategies.

2016 was full of rapid developments in SEO with changes to Google’s algorithm, the increasing importance of mobile optimisation, the impact of social media, and advances in voice search, not to mention changes in customer expectations and usage. In such an ever-changing world it’s difficult to make predictions, but we have identified a few SEO trends to think about in the lead-up to the new year.


The global popularity and widespread appeal of Pokémon GO has paved the way for marketing through geolocation and mapping technologies by aligning mobile searches with local results. Although it’s not the first app to have used geolocation technology, the success of Pokémon GO has demonstrated that people are willing to provide their location when they’re genuinely engaged with the product. Now that this technology has been proven to work on such a large scale, geospatial data marketing and local results will become more prominent.

Optimisation for mobile

Mobile optimisation will remain a priority in 2017 as smart device sales continue to increase. App integration, fast load times and mobile-friendly design layouts will be important in gaining higher rankings in organic search results as Google recently announced it will be updating its mobile-friendly search algorithm to make smartphone content visibility a ranking signal.

Valuable content

Companies that provide content of value to their customers will continue to play a key role in digital marketing campaigns as SEO shifts towards engagement, focused on brand building. Sites that create engaging and informative content, and regularly update their content, rank higher than sites that don’t. Quality content ensures sites have maximum keyword visibility and and can deliver on value.

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