Understanding the Internet of Things

What precisely is the Internet of Things and what are its implications for a digital marketing agency?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that has only recently entered everyday usage, having spread from the confines of the tech world to everyone with a smartphone or connected device. But what precisely is the IoT, and what are its implications for web developers or anyone working in a digital marketing agency?

The IoT in a nutshell

The IoT comprises a network of connected devices, from smartphones to Alexa to smartwatches. The more items and devices that are being developed with the ability to connect to the internet, the bigger and more complex the IoT becomes.

One of the reasons that the Internet of Things is so useful is in its ability to gather and analyse data and learn from it. Understanding the ways in which people use their various devices in tandem with each other can help tech companies deliver better services and devices, for example.

Outside of personal usage, there are plenty of applications in industrial settings. For example, smart sensors on product lines are great ways to gather information about how to increase efficiency and cut down on waste. Smart cars are another way that the Internet of Things is gaining popularity, promising a future of self-driving cars and fewer accidents on the roads.

Put in its simplest terms, then, the IoT is a means to create a more connected and efficient world.

What impact will the IoT have in the business world?

The IoT is already setting about revolutionising the world of business, as the relationship between companies and clients changes. Indeed, the IoT is making communication channels much more efficient, providing businesses with a whole range of opportunities to increase corporate profits and make their services more attractive to potential customers.

Collecting and analysing customer information is far easier with the help of the Internet of Things and as smartphones are so ubiquitous in the modern world, it will not be difficult to ensure that almost all customers are connected to the IoT in some way.

Marketing strategies, therefore, can be centred around accurate and timely data. This means any doomed marketing ideas can be stopped in their tracks far more quickly than before and successful campaigns can be analysed far more closely.

How the IoT will impact social media

Social media is already one of the primary areas of interest for any marketing professional, but the IoT will be able to draw online communities to your products far more easily as it generates automated shares and posts. Such technology will also allow you to identify certain trends far more easily and use the data to your advantage.

Keeping the IoT network safe

Of course, with so many connected devices around, the integrity of the Internet of Things should be of utmost importance to web developers and tech design teams. Tales of internet hacking are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s news cycles and it is a phenomenon all businesses will want to avoid in the future.

Many users of IoT are also worried about surveillance. With so many devices hooked up to a network, the potential to be tracked and exploited can be quite concerning.

To avoid this, businesses and marketing professionals should assure the public of the lengths they go to in order to protect customer data. The protection of data is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for businesses everywhere, and with the boom in IoT, this trend is only set to intensify.

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