4 problems with DIY website builders

4 problems with DIY website builders

Whether you're starting a brand new business or simply giving an existing business a boost, you need a strong company website. It can be very tempting to use an online DIY website builder, especially as many claim to be free. 

However, if you're not entirely sure what you're doing you may encounter a number of problems. Take a look at four potential issues.

1. Hidden costs

While many DIY site builders claim to be free, there are often many hidden costs. The initial set up may not cost you much or anything at all, but you could find your choice of design templates limited, with a fee expected for the more appealing designs. There is also the cost of the domain and hosting to consider, as well as any site add-ons that are offered at a price. 

2. Design restrictions

With DIY builders you may find yourself restricted, and have to try to build your perfect website around many limitations. These can include rigid templates and a lack of flexibility when it comes to layouts and compatibility with other devices. Your website could end up looking dull and generic, with nothing to help you stand out from the crowd. 

3. Time-consuming

It's easy to think that DIY builders make web design quick and easy. But despite their templates, you still have to edit every page and work to make it look engaging and informative. This can take a lot of staff time to complete which is far from ideal, particularly for a startup business with lots to sort out.

4. Poor SEO

DIY builders are not particularly great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and can mean insufficient search results. When you have a site built especially for your business, it can be built with SEO in mind, leading to better results and higher click-through rates.

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