5 expert tips for logo design

5 expert tips for logo design

Good logo design is crucial to branding and digital marketing. Before getting started, remember there are three important jobs that your logo needs to do. Firstly, it should be easily recognised. Secondly, it should be easily remembered. Thirdly, it should reflect your brand’s values.

1. Make it unique

Make sure your logo is unique. The design must assert a clear identity and stand out from that of your rivals. When a customer sees your logo – be it in a magazine or on social media – you want him or her to think about your company only. One way to easily check your design’s originality is through anti-plagiarism sites, like Logo Thief.

2. Keep it simple

Think of McDonald’s golden arches or Twitter’s bird. You’d recognise them on any poster or on any website design. And what they have in common is simplicity. Simplicity works because it grabs the attention and wins trust quickly. In contrast, complexity can lead to confusion and suspicion.

3. Test it out

Your potential customers should like your logo, without having to think about it too much. So, test your ideas out on a sample group of friends and family members. Ask them how the logo makes them think and feel.

4. Colour it right

Colours convey messages about mood, intention and values. For example, blue, which is associated with calm and order, is often used by tech brands, such as IBM and HP. Meanwhile, red represents powerful feelings, like hunger, love and anger. That’s why brands like KFC and Coca Cola use it. 

5. Be visible

Make sure that your logo can be seen clearly in any size. It should be clear and recognisable, on a billboard or on an envelope. Test yours out in a range of contexts, both online and offline. If your logo seems to disappear in certain places, try to work out why.

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