5 ways to increase your website conversion

5 ways to increase your website conversion

When it comes to your online presence, you know that getting visitors to your website is only a small part of your challenge. Getting people to act once they're on your site - that's the tough part. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you should employ to start converting those window-shoppers to paying customers.

1. Design? It's got to be responsive

Online shopping isn't just for people at their desk trying to avoid work. The popularity of shopping on smartphones and tablets just keeps on increasing, so why would you potentially cut out this market by offering a website that looks less than perfect on their device? If you haven't already, tell your web designer to develop a responsive web design for your site and watch conversions increase.

2. Testify!

Testimonials and reviews are great ways to lend an impartial air to your online sales pitch. Whether they are specific reviews about a product or broader testimonials about your business, a proven record of positive client experiences can increase trust.

3. Search and autocomplete

Particularly important for the web design of ecommerce sites offering a larger variety of products is the search function. The prospect of scouring through pages of categories and subcategories is enough to send people off elsewhere.

A functioning search box is a must to ensure you don't lose those potential clients that aren't just on your site for a browse. Adding an autocomplete function makes it even easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

4. Inject a human touch

While this idea is less tangible, its importance cannot be understated. Even the most stunning web design doesn't cover the fact that websites lack a human element. Inject personality into the copy, and give your site a consistent tone. Visitors should feel as though they know your company like a person.

5. Make it work

It might sound obvious, but a surprising number of companies' websites simply don't do all that they should. Don't let people walk away from your site because it doesn't do what they expect.

If you think your conversion rates could be higher, we are here to help. iFactory is one of Brisbane's leading digital agencies and would love to assist you in turning those passers-by into real customers. Contact us today.

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