Biggest Trends In Logo Design For 2013

Biggest Trends In Logo Design For 2013

Logo design can be an integral process in a business’ marketing strategy. It can appear as a simple task amongst more complicated strategy, but this is misleading as a poorly executed logo will not only affect your public perception but your bottom line as well. A logo design defines your company; it creates personality and instils consumer confidence. It may be worth mentioning that logos have become so eponymous with their brands that a smart device game has been created to pair them up – it has also extended to a board-game version.

Here is a list of the biggest trends in logo design for 2013 – don’t follow them too blindly as your goal is to find a mix between out-dated and overly-contemporary.

Monochromatic Madness 

A great logo can hold its own when done in black and white and in 2013 bold colours have moved on in favour of creative typography. This monochromatic look can be boring but done well it can be extremely effective. 


Iconic logo designs favour simplicity and of late famous brands have pared theirs down in honour of keeping things simple. It is basically simple, but effective. 

Make Mine Mosaic 

What may seem overwhelming has been used to create emotions of synergy, progress and ethics as refined mosaic patterns use minimal elements to avoid distortion of the image when shrunk or expanded. 


Pumping energy into logo designs can bring charisma and personality to a brand. Energetic logos take planning, research and balance to achieve whimsy rather than confusion. 

Strong Edges 

Despite the apprehension for the London 2012 Olympics logo, serrated edges are still featuring prominently in logo design. The harshness adds tension and intrigue making it perfect for movie trailers or tough subject matter. 

App influence 

The evolvement of apps has not only spawned a new industry for interfaces and web development but also logo design. In honour of app icons, logo design has taken on rounded, animated and colourful interpretations of business brands. 

Honesty is the best policy 

Putting your heart on your sleeve, or in this case your logo is becoming a popular alternative to a symbol that loosely resembles your business personality or aesthetic. Including your motto or catchphrase is also favoured. 


Brains are powerful and even words with the same starting and ending letters with incorrect middle letters are able to be read. This can be incorporated into logos with brand names disappearing behind arbitrary rub-out lines to instil a feeling of simplicity. 


These patterns are almost optical illusions as they combine strong-line configurations to create grids. They work best in monochromatic to even out the colliding design with simplicity and balance. 

Sharp typography

Modernity is key to a fresh market presence and typography can contribute greatly to this feeling. Sharp and angular type is eye-catching yet legible, making it a perfect option for a more simple design. 


In businesses infancy it is easier to opt for fanciful logo designs as they reflect the juvenile nature of the company. In time logos need to reflect the serious market growth and expansion so streamline, simple and eye-catching logo designs will win out. 

If you would like to take a peek at the full list of trends head to the article at Creativebloq

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