Case Study: Vita Enterprise Solutions Collab Inc Gamification

Case Study: Vita Enterprise Solutions Collab Inc Gamification

About the Client

Vita Enterprise Solutions, part of Vita Group, specialises in providing ICT services and support that helps business increase productivity in a digitally connected economy. They’ve drawn on 20 years of insight, expertise, and industry know-how to develop a suite of mobile device management, workforce collaboration, customer engagement, and enterprise infrastructure products. Their main goal is to work with businesses collaboratively in order to create a personalised, full integrated, digitally connected, end-to-end solution.

Client Objective

Vita Enterprise Solutions had been working with a number of companies who were facing challenges around trying to optimise business enablement in the face of changing workforce requirements and tight budgets. They discovered that their potential customers had created a working environment of disparity, which negatively affected staff productivity up to 15%. In response to this data, Vita Enterprise Solutions wanted a gamified way of presenting information to clients and potential clients on how much time was being wasted and ways to solve lost productivity, while maximising IT investments.

The brief was to create a game from a matrix of data which included information on the impact of non-productive hours in the workforce.  The game would serve as the core element in an integrated digital marketing campaign which promoted their communication products.

iFactory Solution

iFactory worked with Vita Enterprise Solution to create a tool off a matrix of productivity data. As this was a dry subject matter, we gamified the data with a choose-your-own-adventure game which prompted users to choose a character or persona that best represented them in the office, while mainly targeting sales and IT managers.

We drew on gamification techniques to create an interactive website design impact calculator integrated into a game. We developed the information architecture, storyboards, as well as the screens for the welcome page, characters, challenges and outcomes.

We created a storyline for each character which involved an introduction, two general workplace hiccups, and one character-specific hiccup. Each character was then given a series of workplace scenarios in which time might be lost – from organising a team meeting to gathering information from stakeholders in a business to present to a client.

The decision the player made affected the time taken, productivity, and emotional impact to either generate a positive (no time wasted) or a negative (time wasted) outcome. The game is finished with a lesson learned scenario and a cross-sell to Vita Enterprise Solution products.

The collaboration game resides on the Vita Enterprise Solutions website.

Completed:       May 2016

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