Beds R Us

CSSLight Shines on Beds R Us

CSS Light, a leading website devoted to providing inspiration for the web design community, has showcased one of iFactory’s latest projects: the new Beds ‘R’ Us website.

The Beds ‘R’ Us brand name is well known as one of the biggest suppliers of quality mattresses and bedding supplies around Australia. With over 120 stores across the country, the Beds ‘R’ Us brand is well known and trusted.

In addition to building an integrated eCommerce solution for the client, iFactory needed to make the new Beds ‘R’ Us site visually inviting for new and existing customers. This involved making the site responsive for mobile devices, adding large image galleries and unifying the colours used for branding.

CSS Light is a showcase for web design encouragement, submitted by web designers of all over the world. They accept only websites with high quality and professional touch. CSSLight prioritises websites with unique skills in aesthetics, creativity, presentation and coding, so it is an honour to have the Beds ‘R’ Us website recognised in this fashion. 

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Beds R Us


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