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Google Chrome Number One

It is official now that Google Chrome is the number one internet browser. What’s more it is number one across the entire developed world too. At present Google Chrome claims 43% of the global market for internet browser choice. 

The use of the internet browser popularity varies across particular regions but overall it claims overwhelming majority on many continents. Its integration with the ever-increasing Google account initiatives has helped expand Google’s hold on users of the internet. 

Statista put together an infographic to show the popularity of Google Chrome compared with the biggest internet platforms on the web. The chart includes web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari which have all jostled for the number one internet browser spot. 

News of the widening market share enjoyed by Google Chrome has repercussions for the web design and development industry. As more users are looking to Chrome for their internet viewing experience web design must accommodate this shift. Each internet browser has its own set of specific protocols for displaying internet code and website design should be aware of this. 

Responsive design has already been heralded as one of the key web design trends to be aware of for 2013 but design must now consider the internet browser of choice as well as the device. A challenge the best web development creatives will quickly rise to. 

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Google Chrome Number One


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