How does iFactory design a logo?

How does iFactory design a logo?

Ask anyone to name a few recognisable logos and among them would probably be the flying kangaroo, the “bitten” apple, and maybe even Colonel Sanders. But, who knew that creating memorable logos was such hard work. A successful logo might look simple and easy, but it denies a designer’s true effort and skill.

A successful logo has to be simple, appropriate, memorable, timeless and versatile, all at the same time. A logo has to be legible at any size, from business cards to billboards, and even be effective in grayscale. It has to be unique to the marketplace, be appealing to the target demographic, and set the right tone for the company.

Any time a potential customer sees your ad, visits your website or accepts your business card, they’re seeing your logo and forming an impression of your professionalism, integrity and quality of service. It’s a pretty tall order for a little graphic.

To give some insight into this incredible process, here are iFactory’s five steps of how to design a professional logo.

How does iFactory design a logo?

Step 1: Think

The first step is for our logo designers to fully understand your company, your target market and your expectations. You’ll be asked to complete an in-depth design brief questionnaire or be interviewed in person. Questions include things like:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What services/products do you offer?
  • What attributes would you like your logo to reflect about your business?

These answers form the foundation upon which successful branding identities are built.

Step 2: Research

Next, we conduct research on your industry, its history and your competitors. We consider the historical perspective of your clients and their industry, and look at emerging logo design trends in the marketplace. We also conduct research on logo designs that have been successful, and on current styles and trends that may relate to the design brief. However, longevity in logo design is key, which is why it’s important to consider trends in context.

Step 3: Create

At this stage, we are designing and developing the logo design concept(s) around your brief and our research. Here we try to capture the diverse and complex nature of a business into a small and simple design, suitable for use in a multitude of different circumstances (business cards, marketing material, website design and more).

Once we have the basics in place, we set about elevating your design to the next level. We will work on a precise colour palette that will help to keep your image consistent, either with your established brand or your new options; refine typefaces with an ideal balance of spacing and customisation; polish the concept/s that we will present to you for your consideration.

Step 4: Reveal

Once you have finalised our designs, it’s time for a formal presentation and reveal to you as the client. We present only our best logo designs to you with supporting rationales, and we often show the logo in context, which will help you more clearly visualise your brand identity.

Step 5: Refine

After the final revisions and your thumbs-up on the finished logo design, we will create a logo standards package for you. This provides you with everything you need to make the most of your new logo in all of your promotional materials, which may include: your new logo in a range of formats, ready to go for a wide variety of applications in web or print; a Style Guide with information on colours and fonts used to help maintain a consistent brand for your new logo.

iFactory is a full-service creative & digital agency

Now you’ve had a glimpse into the process of logo design, why not get in touch. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to rebrand or need a logo refresh, iFactory’s experienced creative team will find the right design solution for you.

Still need a little convincing? Check out our offline portfolio and our current case studies to see how our designers bring branding to life across our clients’ multiple marketing channels

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