What the latest Facebook algorithm change means for your business

What the latest Facebook algorithm change means for your business

You may have heard that Facebook in January 2018, recently made one of the biggest changes ever to their algorithm. They claim that the purpose of the changes is to make the user experience more authentic, whereas posts from family and friends are given priority over those from brands and businesses.

This means that we’ll start to see less of what they call ‘engagement bait’ in our news feeds. You know the ones like “tag a friend that needs a holiday” or “share this post if you also love summer”.

While this all sounds like great news for the user, it’s fair to say that it’s going to have a major impact on businesses and their social media strategies.

How does this impact marketers?

Basically, the good old days of mass engagement via organic reach are over. Yet, it is still by far the largest reaching social network, so businesses shouldn’t give up on it. We just need to be a bit smarter and create more meaningful ways to engage our audiences.

What can brands do about it?

The number one thing to remember is to focus on quality over quantity. Plan your posts carefully. Think about your target audience, and think about what would resonate with them and add value, rather than just what you want to tell them. Always compose your messages thoughtfully.

Create more videos

Despite the changes, video is still a favoured source of content by Facebook because they see it as a great way to start conversations. So, incorporate some great looking and engaging videos and you can’t go too wrong.

Start or engage with a group

Groups are another area that Facebook is keen to foster, as they create a community of like-minded individuals sharing ideas and opinions. So, it makes a lot of sense for brands to get involved. Just remember to always be authentic. Nothing kills a brand’s authenticity quicker than an unwanted sales pitch in a community forum.

The latest Facebook algorithm changes present some fantastic opportunities for businesses that are doing it right, listening to and really engaging with their audience.

As a full-service digital marketing and website design agency, we can show you just how easy it can be to tweak your web and social media strategies so as to take advantage of the new changes. Please contact us at iFactory today to find out more.

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