Top tips for success in digital agency interview – Part two

So you’ve read part one of our blog series on top tips for a success in an digital agency interview and you’ve done your research, you know your stuff, and you look fabulous. What next? Take heed of our tips for success below to ensure you strike all the right notes during the interview.

1. Follow the 3 Cs

Be confident, courteous and clear. No matter who you come into contact with in the office, engage with them in a genuine manner and avoid babble – people are busy and the world doesn’t come to a grinding halt just because you’re about to embark on the most important interview of your life! We all have good sides, bad sides, and sides in between but there is only one side welcome at a job interview. No matter the informality of the interview format or the joviality of the interviewer, don’t fall into the trap of being overly familiar – which always inadvertently leads to revealing your flaws too quickly.

2. Read the cues

Once the interviewer greets you, follow his or her lead in terms of body language – if they don’t engage you in small talk on the way to the interview room, don’t initiate it yourself. Limit the content of your answers in the interview to precisely what the questions require, instead of going off on tangents which may demonstrate a lack of focus. Stay calm, take pauses when you need to, and don’t rush to fill in natural silences. Also, don’t forget to smile.

3. Sell yourself

Don’t forget that at the interview you’re there to get what you want – the job – and the interviewer is there to get what they want – a talented, low maintenance, value-adding employee. Wherever humanely possible, refer to those case studies and situation-based examples you’ve practised and know back-to-front, which cast you in an overwhelmingly positive light.

You also need to be able to demonstrate that you have a realistic perspective on your current attributes and you can do this by expressing with clarity where you believe you currently are in terms of your long term career and where you see yourself being in the future. Illustrating that you are able to see yourself in the context of a team is important too – so don’t forget to talk about instances where you dealt well with conflict, you were proactively taking steps to solve problems, and when your professionalism and initiative paid off in terms of the development of loyal and lasting professional relationships.

And most importantly? Be yourself – there is nothing more appealing than somebody who knows who they are, what they want, and how they are going to get it.

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