What does a digital agency do?

You may have heard the term ‘digital agency’, but aren’t sure exactly what it means. A digital agency is a firm that specialises in digital marketing.

You may have heard the term ‘digital agency’, but aren’t sure exactly what it means. A digital agency is a firm that specialises in digital marketing. In other words, they use digital technology to help businesses build brand awareness and increase sales by expanding their online presence. Not only does digital marketing allow businesses to reach a wider audience than traditional print and broadcast advertising, but it’s less transient, making it a more cost-effective option. Listed below are some of the valuable services these agencies can provide.

Graphic design

Graphic designers can help you develop your brand identity by translating it into visual language your audience will understand. This includes creating recognisable logos, choosing complementary colour schemes and typography, and selecting appropriate images for you to use in your marketing materials.

Web design and development

The best websites are eye-catching and user-friendly which is why you need a web designer and a web developer. Fortunately, digital agencies can provide you with both.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There’s no use in having a great website with top-notch design if no one can find it. SEO can help you gain a competitive advantage by using keywords to ensure your website stays on the first page.

Content marketing

Content writers research, craft, and edit online and social media content that speaks to your target market. But your content shouldn’t just be about text. Content marketers can also produce content for other media.

Data Analysis

Digital agencies use analytics programs to monitor how your brand is being received. They can help you interpret data like traffic and shares, providing you with insight into your target audience’s online behaviour that you can use to refine your digital marketing strategy.

While some agencies specialise in one or two of these areas, full service digital agencies can do all of this and more. As one of Brisbane’s leading full service digital agencies, iFactory can provide your business with a range of expert digital marketing and web design solutions that will ensure you make the right impression on your target audience.

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