What remarketing is and how it works (Part One)


Have you ever been researching a product online and could swear that certain websites are stalking you in sidebars, search results, and banners? You may have had some experience with Google pay per click marketing strategies with your business or explored one of the other Google paid search strategies. The iFactory team is exploring remarketing and how it works in this two part series.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a method of collecting information from your site’s visitor so you can send them more information. A form capturing a site visitor’s email can allow you to send visitor’s information relevant to their query. If someone is researching a product or service they might start with a Google search, click through to your site then move onto a competitor’s site without buying anything or giving any details. Google remarketing allows you to advertise to these visitors even after they’ve left your page.

Continue connecting with users as they browse across other sites on the Google network reminding them of your price point, product, or service, whichever your unique selling point might be. The idea is to maintain the attention of someone who has already shown interest in your business (and is likely to buy) rather than trying to broadly gain the attention of everyone (who may see your ads as spam).

How does Google remarketing work?

A short snippet of code in your website’s content allows Google remarketing to place cookies on your website visitor’s digital device. Their cookie ID is then added to your remarketing list.

It’s all interesting technology but you might be asking yourself…

What can remarketing do for my business?

Remarketing as a strategy to reach existing customers is not unique to the internet. Remarketing in the form of mail-outs and memberships, has been a tool of businesses for decades, encouraging existing customers back for repeat purchase. The internet and vastness of the Google network has increased the popularity and effectiveness of this technique.

Remarketing allows you to target your advertising to just those interested in your product or service with customised, personal feeling content. You can save the time, energy, and money you’ve been spending on broad awareness raising advertising campaigns. This is a sample of a landing page for our Creative Services remarking campaign.

This is part one of a two part series. Look out for part two, where we look at implementing remarketing campaigns, coming soon. Contact iFactory if you are interested in exploring remarketing.

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