Who is Digital Brisbane?

As host of the hugely successful 2014 G20 Summit, Brisbane has well and truly been put on the map as a destination of choice in the Asia Pacific region, be it for business, investment, international events, education, conventions or tourism.

Part of what makes Brisbane a great new world city is how so many of its businesses and institutions are embracing digital technology in a strategic way. We’re becoming a more connected and accessible city than ever before, and a competitive player in the global digital economy.

One way Brisbane’s digital economy has been able to flourish is through Digital Brisbane, which is part of Brisbane’s economic development board Brisbane Marketing. It’s a place where individuals and business people can build their knowledge about digital and connect with service providers.

Digital Brisbane is about:

  • providing the city’s small-to-medium business sector with ideas and resources to assist them to grow their digital footprint, which will help improve business efficiencies, promotion, product innovation and collaboration.
  • building the capacity of Brisbane’s digital industries.
  • increasing Brisbane’s connectivity into the global digital economy.
  • advising the Brisbane City Council on digital opportunities.
  • positioning Brisbane as a digital leader, promoting the city’s wealth of digital capacity and opening the door to greater investment and collaboration.

As mentioned, part of Digital Brisbane’s services is in helping you find companies that specialise in a particular digital talent through their Digital Directory. As one of Brisbane’s premier digital agencies, iFactory has a profile with Digital Brisbane. In it we showcase our expertise in delivering web design, app development, eCommerce and digital marketing solutions.

So, next time you’re looking for help building a website, in digital marketing or in driving efficiencies, visit Digital Brisbane’s site and look us up. Our team in West End are here to help.

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