Case Study: The FMT

Case Study: The FMT

About the Client

The FMT specialises in elegant, designer leather handbags and fashion accessories. Targeting both domestic and international markets, The FMT’s point of difference is producing unique, limited edition fashion items.

Client Objective

As a new venture, The FMT required a modern eCommerce website to showcase their range of elegant, limited edition products and to facilitate online sales to both Australia and international buyers.

iFactory Solution

As The FMT was launching into a highly competitive retail space, iFactory recommended undertaking comprehensive research and devising a target digital strategy. This included mapping corporate objectives, analysing competitor performance online, analysing relevant keywords, and identifying a specific target market. iFactory’s designers were then able to plan and build an entire web presence – not just a website – that would successfully compete with and ultimately outperform competitors.

Part of The FMT’s Digital Strategy included (among many things) setting up relevant social channels, creating branded content, designing a collection of remarketing ads, and forming a complete digital marketing schedule for the first three months post-launch.

At the same time, iFactory’s designers built The FMT website in the popular content management system, Big Commerce. Using an attractive theme, iFactory customised the design to incorporate unique visual elements and selling points, such as showing quantities for limited edition products.

From product to payment, stock management to sales reporting, the website delivers all the features necessary to manage online sales. At the same time, all other elements of the digital strategy, such as social media marketing and paid advertising, work together to promote engagement and drive sales.

Key website features included:

  • Big Commerce as Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive web design
  • Social Media interaction through “ShareThis”
  • International currency conversion
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Social media set up and implementation

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